World record for albums set by prolific musician

Kathryn Dunmore, Backbeat

Published on Oct 12, 2007

Last October, Burlington musician and songwriter Kevin Bath started his quest for a world record. He accomplished that on Sunday, Sept. 23 when he released his 52nd consecutive album in one year.

"It was a huge amount of work which was overwhelming at times," said the singer, who released an album every Sunday. "It felt amazing to finish it. I surpassed my expectations of myself."

Bath has applied to Guinness World Records to verify the record, but the federal government has already acknowledged the feat as a historic achievement that was never done before.

"It's an important moment in Canadian history, so the government wants each album for heritage purposes," explained Bath. "I've never finished anything important in my life, so that fed my desire to finish. Failure was not an option."

With the goal reached, Bath said he can now focus his energies again on other areas in his life, such as his band Skip Tracer.

"It's been a busy year. With the band, we were working six to seven nights a week, sometimes twice a day," he said. "But I now have time to revamp the set."

Skip Tracer also includes Steve Skingley, bass guitarist and Emilio Meleca, drummer. The group formed in 1994 and released a self-titled album in 1998 and Prime Time in 2001. Since then, the band has switched to cover songs.

"Every now and then, we slip in a few originals but it depends on where we are," said Bath.

The musician will also spend his time promoting the release of his 52 albums. Although the project taxed Bath, he said he was never out of ideas for making the weekly albums.

"Creatively, even if there was nothing there, there was no writer's block because there are so many ways to create," he noted. "There are so many angles to go at it, that creating was the easy part. The rest of it was the hard part."

Bath wrote and produced the albums himself and used a multitude of styles to mix the albums up, from rock to blues to reggae.

"From week to week, I'd look at what styles I've got and decide on what one to do, whether it was pop, improvisational or instrumental," he said. "Because I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I was doing different things for different reasons. I wrote about my life, so it was like watching my life flash before my eyes."

Still, the hours and days spent producing the albums were often overwhelming, said Bath.

"It did and it didn't get easier over time," he explained. "I got faster at the technical side with the recording and mixing. That wasn't my forte, but I became quicker and more fluent in it. Like anything, it gets better the more you do it. The hard part was the toll it took on my personal life. I'm relieved it's done."

Kevin Bath Sets World Record By Recording An Album A Week For A Year
Tuesday November 20, 2007 @ 05:30 PM
By: Staff


Many people thought that Canadian singer/songwriter Kevin Bath was insane when he attempted to set a world record by making an album a week for an entire year. With eight tracks per album, that's 416 songs in 365 days. In the end, Bath set the record and, to many people's surprise, he's not crazy.

"I'm much better now, but it took its toll on my personal life," he says of the experience. "You're locked away, working constantly on a deadline, and you can't be late.

"I grew a beard for a little bit, but every now and then I found time to shave. It just saved on time if I didn't."

Every minute counted while completing the albums. Bath, a husband and father of two, was already a full-time musician when he started the project. But the multi-instrumentalist, producer and now engineer had to fine-tune his schedule to accomplish his goal of having a new release every Sunday. Working in his extensive home studio, he'd complete tracks on Thursday and mix them on the weekend.

"I play live at night and while carpooling with a buddy we joked about putting out 52 CDs in a year," is how Bath explains the idea's origin. "That is the most creative thing I can think of, to force yourself to be creative. That's also why there's a different style of music throughout."

Within the 52-album catalogue, listeners will find a mix of pop, rock, reggae, kid songs, folk, ambient experimentation and dance, which can make it difficult to know where to start listening. Bath recommends moving from beginning to end.

"A lot of people thought, 'You're not gonna have anything by the end and you're gonna be sampling rain sticks.' But I got better and stronger and tried to keep the bar as high as I could."

Now that the sweet-voiced musician has set the record, he intends on taking "a really long time" to record a proper album. He also plans to release a "greatest hits" package of his work over the past year while basking in the glory of being a world record holder… someday.

"I've applied for induction, which takes several months," says Bath. "Yet if you pay 300 pounds, you get it in three days.

"Money talks with the Guinness people, and I don't have that money. I'm waiting it out. I know what I've done. Nobody else has done it and I've gained a lot of friends. Where I uploaded is a community website called, and it's international. So I had people around the world saying, 'Man you're my hero.' People cheered me on from Sweden to the States to Pakistan. In that respect, I'm sad it all ended."

You can check out Bath's labour of love at his website.

—Phil Villeneuve

October 14, 2007

Musical World Record

Hello Everyone -

Kevin Bath, a musician and eSnipper since August 2006, has created a new world record...he decided a year ago to put his skills to the test and create an album a week, during the course of the year.

And he has succeeded!

" I started the 1st of October 2006, and the last release was September 23, 2007.

I wanted to create a legacy and share my work with everyone - and of course get some shameless self promotion in, too. All the albums are on my eSnips page, have a listen and enjoy. "

Kevin has written in many different styles, as he writes: "I compare it to painting... a painter wouldn't paint the same still life over and over"

Congratulations Kevin, we are waiting the call from the Guiness Book of World Records to confirm that we have the winner here on eSnips!


When the multi talented Canadian, Kevin Bath, announced: "Each week starting October 1 2006 and ending September 23 2007, I will set a new world record by releasing a CD a week for a year. Each album has eight original songs, written, performed, recorded and released by me", there were mixed reactions. Some thought him crazy, others were wondering if it was at all possible, and many did not foresee that he would be triumphant in his quest.

To accomplish this astronomical music feat, Kevin Bath had to set aside his personal life for a year, which is pretty hard to do if you are a father and a husband. He would ensure that he had completed his tracks by the Thursday evening, so that he only had to concentrate on mixing them before releasing the CD on the Sunday. This magnificent dedication to setting a world record meant that Kevin Bath had managed to write four hundred and sixteen original songs in the space of 365 days, one full year.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, long time musician and producer, gave him an advantage - he had the knowledge to take on a world record. Bath trained himself to be an engineer so that he was able to cover every aspect of the world record himself and motivated himself to remain focused on his goal. Of course, Kevin received tons of well wishes and encouragement from all across the world, from people who had heard about his goals or read about his challenge on a website. To keep the public interested in his music, Kevin Bath incorporated various music genres into his albums, such as reggae, dance, pop, folk and a little something for the children.

Now that he has achieved his goal, Bath hopes to be able to take his time in compiling a greatest hits album from the tracks he created this year. But this time he won’t have the time constraints, and can work on the album in between spending time with his family and on stage. He has sent in his application to the Guinness Book of Records to be inducted, but will have to wait a few months for their reply. One thing about this entire experience that Kevin Bath will miss, is the support and generosity in well wishes that were sent from all the corners of the earth.


After many years of playing music in various bands, songwriter Kevin Bath had so much music in him to express, he wasn’t satisfied with releasing the typical debut solo album. Instead, he decided to write, record and release an album a week for an entire year, 8 songs per CD, 52 CD’s, 416 songs from October 1, 2006 to September 23, 2007. Bath has now set the world record and albums are available to listen to for free on his website.

The albums consist of many musical styles including rock, country, reggae, dance, folk, unplugged, children’s, pop, instrumental and improv. The idea originally was a joke, however, the more Burlington, Ontario’s Bath thought about it, the more excited he got about being able to create and share his music. "I find that creativity inspires more creativity, it can be very addicting. It's like a high."

"Every Sunday I would release the weeks album,’ explains Bath, "Sunday or Monday I would come up with the songs, creating is the easy part for me, then I start recording bed tracks, mid-week start recording vocals, end of the week for mixing, the hardest part and releasing again for Sunday, it was very tight on time each week to stay on track."

Performing and recording all the instruments and vocals (except for some neighborhood kids on the Kidzongs) in his own home recording studio, Bath dedicated a year of his life for the love of the project. Some of his favorite albums are Sponge Bath Square pants, Mid-day sun, Grapes of Bath, Prague, Unplugged, Punk Bath, 2007 and Lady pinstripe.

Over the course of the year, Bath got the word out primarily using internet marketing like myspace, facebook, and received great support from Y108 radio in Hamilton and the Edge in Toronto.

Bath felt very driven during the whole process, so taking breaks wasn’t an option, "there were moments of despair, but there was a strong sense of destiny to complete this project."
Fans, friends, family and industry have been so supportive of the project that Bath says "in the end, I had people suggest I keep going beyond the 52 weeks – now that’s crazy!"

There are plans in the works to release a compilation Best of Bath CD for the new year. To listen to albums and for more information check out

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A record-breaking Canadian Bath

by: Naomi Osborne

For most artists, writing and recording 52 CDs is a lifetime goal, and practically an unreachable one.

But for Burlington-based artist Kevin bath, it was more like a New Year’s resolution- and only took the artist a year to complete.

It started last October when Bath, a multi- instrumentalist began writing and recording music in his own home studio. A year later and Bath has broken the Guinness World Record for writing and recoding 52 CDs in a year, or one CD a week.

That’s eight songs per album, and a total of 416 songs in one year.

"It all started off as a joke and then the more I thought about it I realized… ‘that’s a good idea!’ What better way to be more creative?" said Bath.

The whole process was demanding. Bath would start creating new songs every Sunday or Monday, then record all the instruments and do all the computer work and the vocals. By mid week Bath would start doing the mixes for the weekend and repeat the whole process again the next Sunday.

"Life was a huge obstacle! I have to make a living, I have a family," said Bath, "and it was hard to take care of all my other responsibilities."

A multi-instrumentalist for a variety of bands, Bath found it easy to switch between different genres of music. He played around- literally- with country, children’s music, reggae, rock, dance, folk, pop, punk, and instrumental.

"It gave me an appreciation for music in general. You really have to understand how it all works and fits together like a puzzle" said Bath.

All 416 songs are available on this website,, where people all around the world can listen to them without charge.

"I just wanted to be acknowledged for what I did. I will release the "Best of Bath" probably in the new year," he said. "It will be a compilation of those songs plus ones that weren’t a part of the world record."

And a favourite song?

"A perfect analogy would be to say, if you have three kids you can’t really say which one you love the best. They are all my babies. It’s hard it really is," said Bath.

But what’s next?

"I’d like to go to different areas, like film work or publishing. Right now I still play live at nights." said Bath. "But I would love to hear other artists do my songs!"

He adds: "I wanted to finish something and do something of this magnitude." said Bath "Personally I surpassed my own expectation of myself. It’s a great feeling just to say this is what I did, ‘Hey kids look at me!"

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